Discover a Magical World

Discover a Magical World


Fields of tea plantations as far as eyes can see, in the region of Curepipe to the southern beaches, masterfully decorate the fertile soil of Bois-Cheri.

The place flanked by magic herb to breathe deeply is over 500 meters above sea level and surrounded by magnificent scenery to take your breath between gentle slopes fragmented and degraded doucettement small hills. This area offers ideal conditions for growing tea.

The first tea plantations date from 1892; it is the oldest of the island. Bois Chéri has enabled the development of a true culture and tradition of tea in Mauritius. Its factory now produces more than half of Tea Island (tours are organized regularly).

This area is part of the famous tea route, and forms the second stage, between "The Aubineaux" (north) and Saint Aubin (south).

  Tea plantations of Bois-Cheri
Bois-Cheri Restaurant  

With its panoramic restaurant overlooking the south coast of sight, and also covering a volcanic crater lake; it is a culinary and cultural journey in the history of tea of ??Mauritius.Green tea, black tea, flavored tea, all aromatic versions are shown here and there in this invitation fragrant, ideal for a short break beneficial and relaxing tea in a ventilated place with a pleasant and refreshing coolness.


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Tea Tasting
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